San Antonio Fundraiser
Morgan’s Wonderland

Morgan's Wonderland Camp Grounds

November 12, 2021


A wonderful fundraiser on a beautiful San Antonio Friday evening.  Morgan's Wonderland raised over $850K so all people could attend camp and enjoy athletic games.  Gunpowder Soup was lucky to tour the campgrounds while the fundraiser was in full swing inside the beautiful mess hall.   San Antonio's KSAT TV televised the auction and the entire program.   TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT as 550 guests attended the magical event.  After the program, Gunpowder Soup played for the After Party and the team brought in a lighted dance floor.   Cocktail hour was held on the grounds outside and auction items were on display.  For dinner, they served filet with cabernet reduction, goat cheese with artichokes inside tomatoes, mash potatoes, and  chocolate cheesecake.

Visit the camp grounds and original Morgan's Wonderland 

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