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One – 15 or 20-amp circuit dedicated for Band ONLY.

If your venue must use a third party electrical vendor, have them contact Gunpowder Soup for information.  Third party electrical vendors must provide ONE dedicated electrical outlet and place it “stage right”.   We bring our own power distribution so we only need one “plug”.   

Client is responsible for cost of electricity supplied to the stage if venue request fees.  Electricity must be within 5 feet from stage or venue must supply a high grade extension cord with ground.  If you are using a generator, electrician must test for 15 – 20 amps prior to our arrival.

Electricity must be supplied 1 hours before we arrive and 1 hour for breakdown of stage.

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Gunpowder Soup needs an area around 24' (length) x 12' (depth).  If the area is too small, GUNPOWDER SOUP will not use the two lighting rigs.  

Flooring of the performance area must be level, dry, and smooth for heavy wheeled equipment. The Band will not set up directly on grass, gravel, or dirt. A stage is not required for the Band unless the area is on grass, gravel, dirt, or uneven flooring.

We do not need a stage but if you choose to have an elevated stage, stairs must be situated on both sides.  The stage must be sturdy, and level to handle large truss, racks, and moving performers.

Some 3rd party vendors have stage panels 6 feet (L) x 4 feet (w).   GPS needs 4 panels in length and 4 in width.  

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All outdoor performances require a cover or shade over the Band.  If a large shadow from a building is covering the stage from direct sunlight, please take a picture and we will assess the environment.  Our computers and speakers will shut down if they become overheated.  

Gunpowder Soup will only set up once during the contract period so plan accordingly.   It takes the Band 2 hours to set up and 1 hour to break down. 

Prior to our arrival, please make a decision on Plan B if precipitation is in the forecast.  The staging area must be thoroughly dry before we place gear on the stage.

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The Band will need a place to store the cases inside the venue during the event.  This can be the same room as the green room.  

A green room or groom's room will need to be available for the Band to change clothes and eat dinner.  The Band must eat dinner 30 minutes prior to the first set.  Tell your catering and wedding planner to make sure we get dinner on time.  

Most Important – tell the other vendors you love GUNPOWDER SOUP and to be nice to us!  

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One Month Before Wedding

  • Email us your Customized Song List Picks

Two weeks Before Wedding

  • Fill out the Wedding Form and send

Week of Wedding – Tuesday

  • Email us your final itinerary
  • Make a Spotify playlist of cocktail and break songs and name them
  • We will email venue manager for logistics
  • Make sure the catering company will feed the band 30 minutes prior to grand entrance
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Third Party A/V

Let us know if a third party vendor or venue will supply the sound system and lights.  The sound system will need to be calibrated to the room and approved by our engineer.  

There is a discount if PA and Lights are available FREE for our use.


1st set   40 minutes dance/performance at low volume for conversation

20 minute break (MP3 music supplied by Band)

2nd set   50 minutes of dance/performance

20 minute break (MP3 music supplied by Band)

3rd set  50 minutes of dance/performance


Yes, the Band can break down to a Duo or Trio. The songs are different in order to fit the instrumentation on stage.  The Gunpowder Soup Duo / Trio is only available during the weekdays.  Gunpowder Soup contracts other Duo / Trio jobs for the weekends.  Please call for information. 
The song list is different for the Duo / Trio.  Please check the Song List for examples.

Visit our Customize Special Song List for a complete list of songs.

We are ready to fly! We would need to rent front and back line gear for the show.  Please call for information.

Cocktail Hour  MP3 music from stage 

1st set > 1st dance > speech > blessings > dinner set (up to 50 minutes performance at low volume and tempo) (if you elect to have the grand march, it will happen during our set)

20 minute break (great time for toasts & cake cutting)

2nd set (up to 50 minutes performance)

20 minute break (great for garter and bouquet toss & college songs)

3rd set (up to 60 minutes performance or 45 minutes set if you choose a private dance)

We usually travel within 250 miles from San Antonio.  If you send a bus and driver, let’s make a deal!

GUNPOWDER SOUP typically plays a 4-hour block of time that includes three music sets. 

The Trio and Duo typically perform for 3-hours with one break

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