Fredericksburg Wedding at Contigo Ranch

GPS married 6 of the guests attending the wedding!!

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Partying with Gunpowder Soup at the Contigo Ranch

The Crowder and Fowler wedding was a BLAST! We had 5 wedding couples at the reception that Gunpowder Soup played for, either ceremony or reception. We knew so many people from the past weddings so it was like a party for us! The dance floor was packed the whole time and no one left, even when we announced the custard truck was in the parking lot! We love the Texas Hill Country and the beautiful venue but the people made the party.

Cowbells and Gunpowder Soup tambourines danced in the air. Some people from past Gunpowder Soup receptions brought their own cowbells and tambourines!!

The venue was a nice setting under a pavillion with the air blowing through. People stayed at the venue overnight in small hotel style rooms. Fredericksburg has so many boutique wedding venues scattered around the Hill Country. We have played at so many, er van help you decided which venue is best for sound and hospitality.