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*** Ceremony Services - ceremony must be within walking distance from reception location and electricity must be on site.
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Ask us a question and we will get back to you promptly. Notate if you want to book Gunpowder Soup and a contract will be generated.


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Notate if you want to book Gunpowder Soup and a contract will be generated. Notate if you want us to call you.

GUNPOWDER SOUP always ends the night with and encore and repeat business!


We have a recording studio and own a school teaching audio engineering,   Our gear has been assembled by a Masters in Electrical Engineering and our GRAMMY engineer, Marius Perron, will monitor our balanced sound.   Gunpowder Soup specializes in sound quality and techniques.

The Performance

For cocktail hour, we play MP3 music from our stage speakers, unless you hire an acoustic musician from our staff.  During dinner, the Band will play low volume and slow to mid-tempo songs.    After formalities, we will fill the dance floor with dancers, interact with guests off-stage, enlist singers on our crowd microphone. 

The Business

We have been engaging with guests since 1999 and are experts in the entertainment business.  Detailed local female management and an A+ from the Better Business Bureau set us apart from other bands.   Call and book directly through our Contact page.    The owner will always be on site and manages the Band during the event.   


Gunpowder Soup employs 6 members on stage: drums, bass, electric guitar, trombone, piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar (2).   If you want to add to our horn section, let us know and we will hire musicians from a list of musicians in San Antonio.    You will love the variety of three different lead vocalists and wall of harmonies from our members.    

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