What Bands Are Located in San Antonio?

What bands are located in San Antonio?

gala events

Find the right band by learning the type of guests attending the event.

It is all Males? Families? All Females? We can help you find the best entertainment for the event.

Gunpowder Soup has performed for so many corporate events and conventions so we have the knowledge on specializing by the guests that attend. We first ask, ” what is the age group and what is the main gender of people going to the party. If it is a building business such as construction, then the majority are male guests and Gunpowder Soup will play more 80s and Classic Rock songs. For events such as a designer company, the majority are female and we play songs such as RESPECT, We Are Family, and Dancing Queen. Some event planners will tell the Band that children are attending so we play a mix of everything to keep all guests happy.

Playing all country music is not acceptable in a male dominated convention. Line Dances work well with families and female attendees so one should add them to the song list. Young kids and adults will ask for Hip Hop and only certain bands can pull of this genre. When guests asks Gunpowder Soup to play Hip Hop, we tell them we will play some songs while on break from our MP3 player. We are lucky to have a male Country vocalist, male Classic Rock vocalist, and a female Pop vocalist. These three genres will sound different and that is why we are the top band to hire for weddings, corporate events, and fundraisers.

San Antonio is lucky to have many types of bands in San Antonio. There is Country, Metal, Tejano, Blues, Conjunto, Jazz, Polka, and Western Swing to name a few. What is your theme? What kind of entertainment do you want? Do your guests want to hear an entire evening of Latin Music? Polka or Western Swing? Make sure the band can accommodate everyone's taste and still play the genre well. An “all around” cover band is great for weddings since everyone wants to dance. Some corporate events want to specialize in a genre, but be careful because some guests will start asking the band for request and the Band may or may not be able to accomodate song request.